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Step into a transcendental world of conscious music with Vyasadeva, a renowned facilitator specializing in healing modalities for spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. Through the artful curation of Sacred Sound , Mantra, and Mindfulness practices, he embodies the essence of the creator, offering awakening somatic experiences, ecstatic Kirtan, and transformative DJ sets. Rooted in Vedic traditions, his profound journey of healing resonates with audiences, guiding them back to their center and uplifting their spirits.

With live instruments like the mystical didgeridoo and entrancing djembe meeting enchanting chants of sacred mantras , his conscious music DJ performances elevate consciousness and foster unity on the dance floor. Embark on this sacred sonic adventure, where the beats transcend mere music and resonate with the deepest parts of your being, leaving you uplifted and inspired to connect, heal, and awaken to the profound power of rhythm and harmony.


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